FullthrottleFRS gave a great B/S/T experience

Just wanted to quick note that FullthrottleFRS is an awesome B/S/T’er

High Points

  1. Great communication with quick responses
  2. Shipped very quickly and got the yoyo’s within a day or so of the money changing hands.
  3. Included extra string in different varieties so I could try a few and find what I liked best.
  4. Included a couple of extra yoyos as a surprise so I could try 3A if I ever wanted to.

Low Points

  1. None

Seriously FullthrottleFRS was an amazing first trading experience here on Yoyoexpert. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to deal with Him again.

I’ll jump on this too, I purchased a yoyo from FullthrottleFRS, the transaction was excellent. Great communication, fast, well packed shipping. Definitely a guy you can feel safe buying from.