FT: Wooden Spinworthy with Onedrops Cabal insides

Spinworthy is near mint as I had to try it a few times. The best wooden bearing yoyo I’ve ever tried as it doesn’t snag with multiple layers and plays like a FHZ.

Cardboard Steamboat is dead smooth and has about 6 micro pinpricks from wedding ring

G2 Banshee is near mint, just joking, it’s beat, and is still a machine.

Looking for trades :slight_smile:


Really interested in pocket friendly throws or organics.

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Steamboat and Banshee are gone. Spinworthy still available.

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I’d like that please, how about a mostly minty heist?

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Hey Grendel! I’ve seen you around here the last few years, seems like you’re as big of a fan of Antiyo as I am.

I already have a Heist unfortunately, would you happen to have anything else you’d be willing to trade?

Doesn’t have to be anything specific.

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Of course I do, just let me have a look around.

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I’m headed to work and I’ll bring it with me as I’m having to ship out some other yoyos on my lunch break and if we can strike a deal by then I can just ship it today.

Shoot me a DM at your leisure. Bonus points if you got some old General yo, Onedrop or beat old CLYW or Antiyo

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Spinworthy still available, looking for old General yo, Onedrop, or CLYW

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Ok, I’ll cough up a dingo. My Mates work is excellent @Glenacius_K .


Trading with djinni cake. Everything gone, thank you everyone

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