FT | Trading SE Disks for other SE's

Looking to trade my OD Disks for two other SE’s. I already have brass Ultra lights and Black Spikes, so anything else I’ll consider. If you got something in yellow it will be a HUGE plus in your favor.

 OD Disks

• Feel free to shoot me a message for any questions/concerns

What was here: Sold and/or Traded
Aoda Follow Wind & Aoda Silver/Blue Fly Blade Sold to unseenforce
Aoda Holy Cherry Sold
Purple Free King & Black Free King Sold to local Friends
YYF Popstar Traded to Gibby for DM2
Hill & River Gifted to Friend
YYF Northstar Traded to yoyomasta for Destiny
YYJ Destiny Traded to TMCertified for cash+starlite
Aoda Rainbow Sold to mango3s
Dark Magic II + Littles Traded for B-grade 888
x2 Loop 720’s Traded to yoyomasta for x2 Proyo’s & Duncan Freebird
Aoda Magic Pearl Traded to YoBroJRoll(jeramy) for YYJ Atmosphere
Free King Given as gift to friend
One Drop Red Deitz Sold to arasureynn
Duncan Freebird Traded to Q for B.I.O Ego
YYJ Atmosphere Sold to TheYoYoist101
Green/Purple Code 1 Sold to Matvey
B-grade 888 + $15 Traded to magicman21 for Genesis
BIO bRigade + Concave Bearing Traded to Caphill1430 for Protostar + T10 Magic YoYo
SPYY Solaris + CBC CenterTrac Traded to nicholi2789 for NQP Dietz + Genesis + Black Spike SE’s
NQP Dietz Sold to Ghost8982 for $60
Green/Grey Genesis Sold to Shadowz143 for $45