FT: Skyline

I had a G5 I didn’t like and traded it for this. I had another skyline, thinking I’d play the other one for 5A, but I’m not doing too much 5A at the moment. Since I have another one I don’t really need this one. Mint, comes with stock bearing. The box is slightly worn, but nothing major.


I also have some deal sweetners.

Wooly Marmot
Offer anything. Beat yoyos or B-grades are fine as long as its not a lowball offer. ANYTHING will be considered, there isn’t much I don’t want, just shoot me a PM, the worst I can say is no thanks.

How about a black/gold C-13 w/ matching ricestacks? I can get you pictures and what not if your interested

a mint 888x?


Hey would you be interested in a Superstar. if so PM me for pics


Free bump for getting to see my old Skyline again. I miss that thing…:’(

Glad to see it’s still mint though. ;D

This thing is gone guys. Moved to archived trades.