FT: Severes, Worlds Sasquatch, Zeekio Splash. LF: Peaks.

Hey guys, haven’t been on in ages but I got some stuff to get rid of.

Heres a quick jot of what I got for trade.

Sasquatch, this thing is mint from world with the worlds colorway. It has one tiny dent and a tiny tiny vibe that can only be detected on a thumb test. Been like that since I bought it, it is not however a B-Grade.

Then I have four 2009 B Grade Severes. Varying in colors and play and caps. Just let me know if your interested in one of these, then we can work out specifics.

I also have three 2010 Severes. All of these are pretty much mint. 2 of them are Red/Black Acid Wash. The other is a red wavelength, no caps.

Got a Zeekio Splash laying around too. Dont know much about this other than it plays pretty well for an unknown yoyo.

The only things Im looking for are Peaks. And thats about it. But feel free to shoot me other offers, Ill post a list of things I DONT want below.

Any and all YYF/YYJ/OD/Duncan

Let me know if your interested in any of this, pics/detailed info on request for everything.