FT/S: Hicoo miniKhan7 (Hardcoat) & (Siberian Snow #24) w/ boxes. Offer anything.

I want to trade or sell the following:

Hicoo Khan MiniKhan7 Hardcoat edition: Coated in adamantium or something…this thing just doesn’t take damage. It’s an older throw, but super fun. I just don’t like mini / undersized stuff so much. The manufacturer uploaded a video on Youtube which showcased the “toughness” of the coating; he took sandpaper and the blades of a pair of scissors to it…which resulted in no damage.

C Size Bearing
Undersized / mini (Kind of in between)
Silicone recess
Comes w/ wooden box, pogs, and a Dragon string.

You don’t see these …ever. I’m not one to collect…so offer away. I’ll consider all offers and respond appropriately.

Hicoo Khan MiniKhan7 Siberian Snow #24: Same as above. Rather than sporting a hardcoat, it has a brilliant white powdercoat. Flawlessly executed. Feels like Ivory in your hand. I’d really rather not let go of this beauty. It plays fantastically. However, I’m afraid to throw it around…I did manage to take out a small bit of powdercoat. Otherwise it’s in perfect condition.

D Sized bearing
Undersized / thinner than the Hardcoat edition
Comes with an extra set of pads
Wooden box included
Metal Pogs included

I’d like to trade both of these for something nice.

Here’s what I’ve had my eye on for some time.


44 Clash Avant Garde

Offer away though. I’m a fair trader. Don’t be hesitant to offer either.

I’ll have pictures up later. For now…here’s a reference.


And a review…