FT - [s]DJ Hero Wii Renegade for Listed Yo-Yo's[/s] (Traded)

A Trade Agreement has been agreed to. Thank you for those interested but it is no longer available.


I am trading my DJ Hero Wii Renegade edition for yo-yos. This has been used maybe once or twice and has been sitting in the closet. Figured I might see if anyone has any interest in it so I can try and build my collection. Please be mindful that this will cost a little bit to ship so be mindful when offering.

I am looking for the yo-yos listed below but will consider any yo-yo or offer.

Most interested in:

YYF 888
YYF Loop 900’s
YYF Superstar
YYF Grind Machine
YYF Protostar
YYF Protege
YYF Genesis
YYF Lunatic
YYJ Dark Magic
YYJ Revolution

Thanks for the interest and just PM me an offer if you have interest.

i have protostar and grind machine 2.0 but they are new so i can’t trade srry i’ll PM you when they are availible ;D