FT/S: C3, G2, Yomega, Turning Point, YYF, YYR, One Drop, More

(2Sick Joey) #1

Prices are shipped Priority in the US. I don’t want to deal international, sorry.

Cascade: Orange, few marks around rim but nothing major, still plays great. $60
Catalyst: Red, stacked version but comes with nubs (plays better like this), some scrapes but nothing too bad and smooth as well. $55
Positron: Pink, some small pricks and a small ding or two but still a perfect player. Deserves the rep it has. $95
Trident: Coral/Pink, super smooth, some small scrapes around rims but plays true. $60
HOT: Mint, smooth when tuned right, I have it pretty smooth right now, killer yoyo for sure: $75
Pulsefire: raw. some small dings and marks but still a great yoyo. Would be a great beater or carry throw. $35
Triplet: Clear ano, one super tiny prick on the face, smooth as can be, a great yoyo. $90
Shutter: Custom anodized, sodablasted, super awesome playing and looks killer. Best budget yoyo ever. $45

I’ll do good package deals if you buy a multiples. Worst damage is pictured.

These are all MIB and taken out only for pictures. This is about $300 worth of retail value and they are brand new and never thrown.

G2 Albatross: Gold $75 shipped
2sick Gambit: Candlestick $60 shipped
Yomega Prodigy: Blue with clear and gold splash $85 shipped

I will bundle those 3 all together and sell for $180 shipped. That is over $40 off !

Trades: No Red or Black yoyos. For the Starred yoyos I also have a bunch of other throws for trade for them.

Draupnir ( I would trade these all for an Attuned Draupnir or Blue one)****
P. Wave (Gold preferably)
Arctic Circle 2 (depends on color)
Movitation (a blasted one)
Krown (blasted one)
IronyJP 2k13
New Turning Points ( I will trade all for a Isotope2 or Leviathan 4b)***
Cyborg ***
Genesis 2014 (Blue Pulsar)
Hatchet ( I would trade nicely for one of the gold plated ones)
Gold Valor
Puffin2 (depends on color)
Diffusion (Neon yellow)
Ti Walker****
YYE edition Gold shutter (no engravings)

(system) #10