FT only Avalanche, Addiction.

I am looking to trade only. I have 2 sets of doubles. One of each works for me. So Im trading the ones Im willing to part with after lots of dilllllllllllllema. anyhoo Im serious about trading. Its a great way to try a variety of throws.

So i’m trading either

-Grey w gold specal goldmine avalanche. Couple of small dings but it plays like new. My favorite yoyo by far but I have a redbike now so Im trading the goldmine.TRADED

-Copper w black smoke spyy addiction. MIB. It has a 10ball in it. I love this throw for grinding. But again…I now have a greenslime edition…Im keeping. But Im trading this one. TRADED

Im looking for onedrop. Id like to own a 54 or a code1. 54 would be ideal but I threw a code1 at nationals in Canada a few weeks ago. Its a win. Id like one.

PM me Ill send pics via email if you want. You show me yours ill show you mine kinda thing. And we can arrange the deal via email as well.

Cool can’t wait to thin out some doubles and fill the spots with somthing new to me exciting. YA.

Holla . JayKay ;D


Pictures please