I have 50+ in paypal! maybemore?!offer! AVALANCHE INSIDE!!!Price added!

Mostly looking for onedrop or something manufactured by them, could also take a nice package deal or something else. Just give me a generally good deal and I might take it.

Offer up!!

Could have much more depending on the offer!!!

Also have an a-grade gold nugget avalanche, dont see too many of these. Near mint condition. Pics up tonight or pm for pics right away. Mostly looking to sell. But I might take the following. Damage is not nearly as bad as it looks. In person it is hardly noticeable and in no way affects play. 100? shipped? offer?

Code 2 plus cash
Albatross plus cash

Pics up!

how much you wont for that gold and black yoyo

I got a cafe racer nickel sweet throw lmk