FT: OG SF SF and General yo Essence, can ship this Tuesday

Looking to trade them both as a bundle. Both have one micro dot on them from my wedding ring and are dead smooth.

I can ship Tuesday. Looking for any and all trade offers (plastics included).

Let’s make a trade and try out some new stuff.





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All available and hit me up at your leisure. Eager to make a trade and try some new throws

How much for the yeti?

Not looking for sales unfortunately. Only exception would be I’d you could secure me an annondized End 2 when they drop tomorrow on the RSO site. I’d give the OG Yeti and two others of your choosing.

Uhhh, thanks but i will pass

Cool beans, it’s an open offer to anyone, basically 120 can get you an OG Yeti, SF SF and a Nitro or an Essence.

Updated original post, let’s try some new yoyos together