FT- Minty Mint Chief!! d-(^.^)z.LF: CASH, CHIEFS, AND ARCTIC CIRCLES!!

Hi, welcome to my BST. I have a few wants, a MIB any run any color Chief, a MIB any color Arctic Circle, and cash! I’ll trade HUGE for an Arctic Circle MIB.

I have a 2nd run Minty Mint Chief. It’s in awesome condition, but the flaw is a tiny ano rub. The Chief does not come with its box. The rub, not something that indents the yoyo or goes in, is about 2 mm across and 1/3 mm wide. It’s very hard to spot. It comes with either a 10-ball or Center Trac bearing, your choice. All I want is an Arctic Circle, any colorway, but has to be mint, and doesn’t matter if you have a box or not. You can offer anything else, but it has to be a mint Chief or an Arctic Circle. I will also add $$ if you want.

I can text you more detailed pictures. Just shoot me a PM and I’ll respond ASAP.
I don’t want any other offers except these. Bye

You can ONLY BUMP 1 times a DAY!!!

only 1 timesssss lol

Rlly? Only once a day!

I count two on june 6th