FT: Mint b-grade worlds Swirly

i really dont want to trade this, but it hits my hand right where i broke it a few weeks ago, anyway it has a few anno flaws and it was used to test the worlds laser engraving. it comes with an awsome ceramic bearing (the balls are ceramic) that is really nice.
no vibe or wobble very smooth, just has anno flaws.

Wants: (mint or near mint)
YYF’s ( mainly gm2 or gm2.2, g5, offer)
offer up, the worst i can say is no

pm me if interested

Only for trade?

as of now yes

So your only selling this becuz of the accident with your hand?

Ok, let me know if you’ll sell it.

well yes and no, i broke my hand last month and have had the brace of for a few weeks, but with the swirly, the angles at the edge of the rims hit my hand almost exactly where it still hurts, when it comes back, and because my major is cabinetmaking and i hope to make furniture when i graduate, i cant afford to hurt my hand any further than it already is. otherwise i would keep it

bump, im going to take the current offer of a g5 unless i get a better offer tonight