FS: OD, CLYW, GENERAL-YO offer up!

Sadly i have some bills i need to pay. (too many cavities and i have to pay my own dentist bill for the first time) so that means some of my throws have to go. don’t worry shawn/david, i’m not selling any of the ones you said not to. those are all on a special place on my shelf.
(also willing to accept trades if it’s worth it. but mostly looking for money at this point)
alright. down to the throws.
for pictures, PM me.

Worlds edition Dietz-near mint, just one scuff on each side from hitting the ceiling. not that bad. smooth still. comes with dietz side effects, box, and bearing of your choice.

Relic Code1-mint, smooth as i’ll get out. comes with brass ultralites, box, and bearing of your choice.

Black/green unengraved caferacer-mint smooth as butter, comes in box with 10 strings and onedrop value bearing.

Markmont.next- non mint. this is a beater. still plays smooth though. this will go cheap. maybe 50+shipping? comes without box, 10 strings, and OD 10ball


Gnarwhal (random colourway, two diff combined into one)- non mint, has a lot of scratches, but is still smooth. comes with box, and your choice of bearing.


Ministar purple heart edition-non mint, few small marks here and there, but smooth like the day i bought it. comes with OD 10ball, and 10 strings.

Other Stuff

Trueblood season 1 box set- the case has some water damage on it from a rain storm, but all DVDs are in there, and have no scratches. $20

Animal crossing for the wii- comes with case, manual, game, CD isn’t scratched

I also build computers for a living on the side. if you are interested let me know, and i will see what i can make for you on your budget.

i have a spyy pro and a titi twister and a pgm and a ocsillitrix.

congratulations. if you are looking to trade, please PM instead of posting messages here.