**FT. MIB Noctu, Decter Heavy Cream, Buisine$$**


For trade only.

Here is the pic of The Noctu and Heavy Cream**** http://www.flickr.com/photos/52459947@N05/4861495590/#/ ****

LB Hectic. Gold w/ Purple splash. Some dents. Plays the same as when I got it. Replaced pads with silicone. ** Dents do not go through anno**

Heavy Cream. Dexter. A couple of tiny pinprics.

Busine$$. A couple medium size pinprics. Only 1 you could feel. Plays awesome. 1 Chaz pad.

mint Noctu. Comes with velvet sack and pin.

Mint Skyychaser. Gold.

Mint addiction v2. Brown. Awesome player.

Dark Magic v.1. Not in very good shape. Keeping for modding

Throw anything at me. All I can say is no.


ill trade you a red axiom for the hectic


YYE is crossing out all words starting with a for some reason. But what is it?


please post pictures

(system) #20