FT Golden Galaxy, Shutter, Genesis, yyf updated


Looking for:
Grey Yeti
OD Markmont Classic
OD rebirth
OD valor
c3Imagine Breaker
Any Clyw
Recess Joyride

I have for trade:
YYF Shutter Exclusive black some smooth paint scratches, no vibe. (B)

Golden Galaxy Cypher (A-) Some tiny surface scratches you would not be able to find unless looking really hard for. Super Smooth.

YYF Genesis (B-) This yoyo has one bad ding its nothing to crazy. There are also a couple of scratches. No vibe super smooth.

C3 Token Black and Blue Acid finish (C-) scratch and ding but still smooth as ever. no vibe.

One Star (B) Some scratches

One (B) ^

not pictured:
golden galaxy too hot in mint condition
neon yellow or blue yyf replay
OD cafe racer black
ORCA FG Ashberry
Puffin 2 FG Ashberry
Chief Widowmaker
Horizon Galaxy

and $

(system) #14