FT/FS YYR, OYY, Slam Dunk

Hi all. Looking for a Pistolero, RSO Mecha Bape SE edition, Chopsticks Gorilla, 2Sick Serenity in Sneezy Unicorn splash (I miss mine dearly), and Bape half swap Dunk by Jake Bullock. I’m also looking to sell some particular throws in order to get some stuff to round out the collection.

For Sale:
OhYesYo Freq Mod Clear: scratches and scuffs but nothing bad. Yo-yo only. Some fingernail vibe but very unique throw. 70 obo

YYR TM: great throw, but I want a Slim Dunk. Pink and engraved really awesomely. Some nail vibe. Couple of tiiiiny dings that don’t break the ano. Yo-yo only. 30

POSSIBLY Bape half swap Slam Dunk: great shape. Some discoloration or weak engraving on the white rim, some fingernail vibe. Comes with box if I decide to sell or if you have something I’d trade for. But feel free to make an offer! I’m gonna start the bidding at 110.

Everything else is trade fodder. Might wanna hang on to the Voyage and the YYR FYFO but doesn’t hurt to ask!

Less expensive things:
Mongu Duncan
B Grade Confusion pending

On to the others:
YYR TM: will trade for sneezy unicorn!!!
SPYY Orbitron 5000
Yoyobrothers Voyage
Slam Dunk
OYY FreqMod
Unknown Edition Kappa
Legendary Terrarian NQP
Kuntosh (won’t come with green caps)



Sunday Night Football Bump.

Bump. Price drops. The works. Help me get a Chopsticks and a standard Dunk!


Morning bump! Some drops in prices.