FT/FS YYJ Theory, YYF Regen, YYO Orbis


all near mint have been played with but have no body damage. Shipping $3. prices are not set willing to haggle a bit

YYJ Theory $55 gone
YYO Orbis $35 gone
yyf Regen gone

Trade Wants - near mint or mint only
YYF Severe
C3 Level 6
Whimsy Aloha (NOT Flocked)
Recrev Neuae
Open to other trades these are just some of the ones I want in particular.


I really want that orbis but I can’t do cash so would you do a magic n5 and a yoyozeekio anarchist?
The n5 is near mint with a tiny nick on one side,really smooth
The anarchist is smooth, the bearing needs to be cleaned and there are very light scratches on the rim
If not, I could make another offer just pm me

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