FT/FS Updated prices added LF Shout

Hey all, looking to trade and get my hands on stuff I haven’t tried yet. Not really looking to sell, but if it’s something you absolutely need please shoot me an offer.

Currently only doing trades within the United States.

Right now I’m looking for: Amplified RT Shout and Ovation, 2Sick Queen, but would like to try more from Japanese manufacturers and from CLYW. Oh and a YYFactory Roll model.

The condition of all my yo-yos for trade are excellent, except the Hatrick with a mark on a rim, the purple splash TOO HOT that has a couple 3a marks, and the golden galaxy TOO HOT that has a stuck axel I haven’t messed with in fear of stripping it and it’s bearing needs cleaned.

Also none of these have their original boxes or extras.

Row1: ART Woofa+ $50, Tropic Spins Shipwreck $80, G2 Red Water Direwolf-GONE, 2Sick Grandmaster$80
Row2: Variant Prepro $5 add on , MagicYY N5 $5 add on, Duncan Roadrunner $20, OD/CLYW Summit-GONE
Row3: Whimsy Rival $25, General Yo Hatrick-GONE, YYF Al Dream $30, YYF Ti Dream-GONE
Row4: YYF Super G , YYF B-Grade Marco GONE, YYF Dogma $30, YYF Space Cowboy GONE
Row5: YYF TOO HOT$15 add on, YYF TOO HOT $25, YYF Bi-metal Superstar $40

Thanks for looking.


PM sent

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3 Traded, 16 to go.

Bump up the jams.

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Updated, now with prices and junk.

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Can u sell as a lot?

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Can i get all the yyf?

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I cant send u a dm yet can u send me pls

It looks like you have “Basic” trust level - you should be able to private message. Just click on their name and select “Message”.

I did but it wants me to wait for 7 hrs

Thank you

Bump, all trades and purchases will include Airetic string until I’m out.

Another Bump in the wall.

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