FT/FS Rare Trisplash Gsquared nessie!!!!

Im looking to sell or trade my trisplash nessie, Its a rare colorway. I believe that there are only 5 in existence. Its not mint and I unfortunately do not have the box for it.There are two dings on the throw itself but they are really only feel able when doing grinds. Little to no vibe on throws and when on string, Over all a great yoyo.


Clyw. Mainly looking for a chief, Arctic Circle
, or sasquatch
One Drop. Rare 54s, code 1, dang.

If interested in Buying it shoot me a reasonable offer and we can work something out thanks!

That is not team edition it’s just was a very limited run Brett sold through his Facebook. Team edition is blue and light blue acid wash with orange splash.