FT/FS: OD Benchmark V "14 / K2J Warning Line //NEAR MINT



I’m putting up my One Drop Benchmark V (2014) and K2J Warning line up for sale.

1) The Benchmark has 3 minor pinpricks (shown) that don’t affect play at all, completely smooth - with box.

2) The K2J Warning Line has minor scratches along the rim (shown) that don’t affect play either, this is by far one of my smoothest throws - no box

I’m more interested in trades than cash, here’s what I’m looking for: (I’ll add cash / other sweetners for trade ups, or even both of these for one throw that really catches my attention)

1) CLYW Yeti
2) CLYW BvM2
3) CLYW Bonfire
4) YYF Supernova
5) One Drop Cafe Racer
6) C3 Level 6
7) King Yo Star Pun


(system) #8