FT/FS: MIB wet whistle LF:repeater, clyw, phoenix, a la mode


$95 paypal only no international shipping

Or trade:
guy wright repeater
hspin phoenix
any mint clyw (no camps)
Crucial a la mode
For any of the afore mentioned yoyos, I have a rare MIB, black, signed wet whistle.

Also, I have some plastics for trade.
Hey guys I need some more stuff to mod. I am looking for the following in no particular order

Wants (mint please…maybe near ::slight_smile: ):

YYJ kickside (don’t care if it doesn’t have caps)
Duncan FHZ with uncracked caps only
Yyj lynn fury (don’t care if it doesn’t have caps)

Here’s what I have:
Custm modded (by your’s truly) yyf one first run. The cups have been polished out to remove those ugly factory mold marks, it has been stacked, and comes with a custom drilled purple 20 sided die counterweight (great 5A player, and very smooth)
The other is an ebay purchased yoyomamma stacked plastic. It is all black, very smooth, very solid feeling for a plastic.






Did you link that from a file on your comp? You need to upload it to a site such as photobucket and link it there


pic down?






Don’t see any pictures










how about a counter attack for both