FT/FS: LB Bassalope, 1st run chief, bonfire, ac1

*If you’re interested in buying, make an offer. Don’t ask me what I’m looking for.

•Red with a Silver splash Chief (other chiefs are accepted)
•Summit (no solids. Only splashes)
•Marmot 2
•gnarwhal 2
•puffin 2
•light grey yeti (Olive as well)

•Arctic Circle 1, Near Mint (1 unfeelable mark and 3 other marks), Ash Berry
•Bonfire, 1 flat spot (pictured), Harrison Hurricane
•Bassalope (Large Bearing), all damage is unfeelable, Maple Drip
•Chief, near mint (no dings), 1st run Gold

For better pics message me
Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85527323@N04/