FT/FS : Duncan metal drifter (new) / YYJ Legacy w/KK bearing

[s]White Legacy with Konkave bearing:

It plays great, I got this from a trade with metalman, and he kept it in excellent condition. There are no major dings or marks. I believe metalman took off the response pads, and its very unresponsive and took the shells off the bearings.

I havent really played with it at all since I got it, it has been just sitting in my case.



Silver Duncan Metal Drifter :

Brand Spanking New! just got it , Its in Perfect condition! It is semi responsive, for unresponsive you should get size A KK or Centertrac bearing.

$15 w/ regular shipping

Any trades welcome, so please put up any offers you have!!


low ballers welcome!

pix of duncan



still have the duncan!! bump… .low ballers welcome or offer any trade!!