FT/FS: cuLater, Mo-Trixx, Sigma Blade Zwei, DM Weight rings

I have some stuff for trade or sale.

I am selling/trading my mint cuLater. It has a nice bead blast, then was annoed. Smooth, but has a hair of vibe. The vibe doesn’t effect grinds or play, but it helps you by alerting you to bring it up at low speeds (you can feel it spinning on the string at low speeds). Mercury bearing, siliconed blue on one side, red on the other (looks cool! :P) IN THE PICTURES, THE WHITE STUFF YOU SEE AROUND THE AXLE IS TEFLON TAPE. IT IS NOT DAMAGED AT ALL.
Looking for $85 shipped… or a trade.

Mo trixx.
Good yoyo, small gap, fun. Minor vibe, satined, has once crack :(will get pics) Siliconed.
Looking for 30 shipped? Offer up on trades. OH,and its red. lol.

Sigma Blade Zwei. (the carcass of one)
No axle, no bearing. Some plastic has come off, and some metal shows. Couple of really small cracks here and there. Probably the crappiest looking YYJ I’ve seen in my life, Yet the best playing! It is nice and light on the string, and slim, and awesome! When set up this is a 1a & 3a beast! Satined.
Looking for 20 shipped.

Some DM weight rings.
I ripped em offa my DM. A bunch of scuffs, and about 4-5 dings (on each side!). Just throwing these out here to see who would buy them. Satined.

Cashy money would be nice.
-Remnant (!!!)
-Any screaming eagle
-401k (!!!)
-A project would always be nice.
-Skyychaser ( C bearing please.)
-Dingo + Money
-4Xl’s (groovy preferably, but regular is OK)
-Rozzor (spelling?)
-888. NO 888x’s PLEASE. ONLY CLASSICS!!!
-Protostars and FHZ’s
-Caribou Lodge
-X-convict (!!!)

That is all I can think of at the moment, so BE GONE WITH YOU!!!


l________ l
l o \ l
l UU l J
l ________ /

I might as well go back to pressing the buttons on a phone to make funkytown.

That Zwei seems hauntigly familiar