FT/FS: CLYW Wooly Marmot. Will be very interested in an Akita


Just throw stuff at me. Yo-yos in a similar value range please. I could do $130 for this and a MIB Black Metal skyva. Id still trade however. Any titanium, any condition I’ll look into. CLYW Akita aswell .The yo-yo has some scratches but it plays as if it just came out the box.


Did you do the half swap?


I bought it this way


Is that a Sebastian Brock colourway?

It’s my favorite colour anno combo. Wish I had a Ti yoyo to offer you!


I’m not sure if it is. I’d still look at offers :slight_smile:


First time I’ve had to do this… BUMP!




Bumpity bipity boop




The proper release of Akita is coming soon (Jan 24th), so basically someone could buy that and trade it to you for this, if they wanted.


Hmm sounds like a good idea. Still open to offers though


I dont trade but if you wish to sell, I’d be interested.


Hmm offer please


Thanks for getting back to me and apologies; This is a regular 1/2 swap on second look, and not what I’m looking for.

Good luck with your trade/sale.