FT/FS clyw, one drop, vs Newton.


i don’t have camera so if you want pictures i will have to send them by phone
please don’t delete admin i don’t have pictures because don’t have camera will provide pics with phone
mint 1of1 canvas
mint 1of12 chief
mint arctic circle
a little scraped gold and green peak
mint soda blasted code 2
mint y-factor
mint blue and green 54
dinged vs newton skywalker with broken axel

please pm me with any offers
Wants: money,CLYW,YYR,


You need to post pics - find a friend to help, whatever…

If you can email the pics to someone, send them to yourself and post from your computer.


wants list




What kind of phone do you have? most phones have a memory card for the camera that can be inserted into your computer, then transferred , after that, take the images and upload to YYE.

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