FT/FS B-Grade 888, Silk, Project, Die Nasty, Siliconed FHZ, GITD Painted Journey

Alright. Half red half orange B-Grade 888. MINT! It’s really smooth, and I love it. I have never been such a huge fan of 888’s and I only throw it once every week or so. The anno defects are some light colored speckles on the red side on the rims and in the stack area, and 4 small green marks on the orange side in various places. There’s this wicked quiet bearing in it so its smooth and quiet (duh). GONE

Blue die nasty. Couple scuffs, and it’s half siliconed. Sweet for 5A. GONE
Amber Sparkle FHZ. Half silicone recessed. Cleaned bearing. A couple scuffs. It is amazing. The recess is aiight but the play is beautiful.

Grey project. Nicks all over the rims. Also, scratches in the IR from coins in my pocket Uuuuber smooth.

Alchemy Silk. Dyed half purple and half orange. Spec bearing. Pretty smooth. Near mint.

Last, a glow in the dark painted clear Journey. A couple scuffs, shaved o-rings. Pretty good player. 1 free glow in the dark string if you buy it or trade for it. GONE

I’m open to offers. But I want.

Grind Machine 2
Blue DV888’s (not aqua)
Wedgie (maybe)
Other stuff
B-Grades maybe.
Plastics? Maybe.
5 Star (bb’d)

Pics upon request. Thanks for looking!

Hmm I wonder if I have the other two halves…because mine is red and orange also. Which half has the B-Grade logo? (I’m just curious.)

How about a Genesis and a stargazer for the b-grade?

If you’re serious, YES!

And both halves have the B-Grade stamp.


Rest of the sentence deleted…


Lol im kidding that would be stupid on my part.

Fo shizzle.

How about cash? Well actually paypal.

Kuhh want a G&E4? =]


Nah. They’re so huge and gross.

I liek yo aqua frantic.

JUST WONDERING, how much for the b-grade 888?

Frantic was traded

grey matter fade project?

Ohhman I’d love to, but the highest offer right now is 60. I have to think and talk to some ppls.