FT CLYW Artic Circle LF Wolf Canvas

Hi everyone,

    I have a Clareview Station CLYW Fool's Gold Artic Circle that is mint with box! (It is not the AC box, but it is the OG box)  I just wanted to see what kind of different color ways i could get the only problem i can see that makes this a fool's gold is the ano flaw.  For any serious offers i could make a vibe video because when i throw it, it's dead smooth. i rarely get any vibe on throws the only time i do is if i throw poorly. so here are some pics =) the last one is the ano flaw and it is soo tiny you can barely see it. takes me awhile to find it anyway. Thanks for looking and hope to see some nice offers. =)

I only want clyw and i really want another AC for this one just pm if you have any offers/ interests

Im looking for 90 dollars for this but we can talk!

I’m also looking for a wolf edition Canvas I really just want to pay cash!!! (I really really want this)