FT: Bose AE-2 HeadPhones spyy addiction2

looking to trade my Bose AE-2 HeadPhones for 2 throws

Really Looking for
Crucial Confection
Crucial a la mode
Crucial heavy cream dexter only
CLYW galactic goose, avalanche, sasquatch, gnarwhal, peak, BVM
onedrop code 1, code 2
C3 H5
ILYY Noctu
spyy solaris, ronin
yoyojoker, double joker (the only throw i would trade for by itself)

will entertain other offers but confection plus CLYW will pretty much be a done deal



i also have a Black and pink/purple addiction 2 i would like to trade for the greenish addiction 2

mine has 1 set of rim marks