FT: 888 Hubstack B-Stock


Let me begin by saying I am 100% fine with not trading this yoyo. It was my absolute favorite all last year and the only reason I am considering trading it is because I just obtained a brand new 888x and not sure the point in having two 888s.

Now here is the deal on the Bstock. I traded for this yoyo at World’s last year and was the smoothest throw I have had to date. I spent two days trying to obtain this from the person who owned it. Now it is a B-stock, however the previous owner went through all of the b-stocks and found two halves that made it spin very very smooth so that the only reason it would be B-stock is the paint blemish. He certainly succeeded as it is crazy smooth and long spinning throw. Ok, now that you know about this and I have partially talked myself out of trading it…lol…here are the pictures and what I’m looking for:

Anything One Drop: I have been very curious about these yoyo’s for a while and would like to try a code 1 or will consider any other one drop offers. I will also consider any other trades but I am mostly interested in one drops. I love the idea that they are made in america and so forth. Hit me up with any questions or trade ideas.

IMG_2217 by GPXNation, on Flickr

IMG_2216 by GPXNation, on Flickr

IMG_2215 by GPXNation, on Flickr

IMG_2213 by GPXNation, on Flickr

If you want to get a onedrop then be sure to get a Y-Factor or Cafe Racer

We should defiantly trade. I can trade you my y factor. since you want a One Drop. The y factor is sososo much fun

I’ll send you a message