FT:54 & Gnarwhal LF:3rd run Peak


[s]I have a Black 54 with the stock side effects (brass dome and Aluminum spike) It’s not one of the NQP’s(not quite perfect’s) that they had for sale on the site, it was purchased at Bird in Hand with perfect anno, anno currently has one unfeelable pinprick. Awesome player. Completely smooth.

And I have a Gnarwhal in the purple-pink acid wash (with engraving). I think it has 1 pin prick that can’t be felt. As smooth as the day I got it (read:very smooth).

Spot on the top of pic.

I’m looking for any of the 3rd run peaks. You can offer others, but don’t expect a yes unless you’re offering a good condition Peak.
Thank you.
All items pending

(Mack) #2

Im Quite interested in your OD 54. care to look at my BST and see if any of that interests you?


No sorry dude, I’m not interested. But thanks for the offer!

For future reference I’d like to keep all offers in PM form. Thank you!


will you sell your 54?


No sorry I wont.(PM’s only please)

Also B.U.M.P

(system) #8