FS YYR:Futura/helvetica/triad/autoscopy, CLYW akita

YYR futura: dark red and orange - 30$each
Near mint
YYR helvetica: blue and gray- 30$each
Near mint
YYR autoscopy: clear -120$
Near mint, has small anodizing defect, 3 light gray dots in the center
YYR triad: red-50$
Near mint, has slight vibe on the string
Clyw akita: horsehead nebula-120$
Near mint
Shipment only continental US
YYR yoyos have different box than usual because I got them from official YYR lucky box (see pic)
If you buy anything below 80$, then shipment cost is on you(10$), but if you buy anything over 90$ then shipment cost is on me
For bundle: bimetall+2 monometalls 10$
Prices are negotiable

Bump, price update autoscopy and akita is 105$, traid is 45$ now and shipment is included for all yoyos. Price can be dropped a bit if you buy bundle.