Hey guys! I pretty much stopped yoyoing about 2 years ago and I’m leaving for college in the summer so this is my cleanout sale. I’ve barely been throwing lately so I decided that I really only need one yoyo right now.

[u]- No trades. paypal only.

  • Money comes first unless you have lots of +rep.(paypal has buyer protection, the post office doesn’t)
  • I pay for shipping.[/u]

If you want a guarantee from me, here’s who I am/my reputation: https://www.youtube.com/user/FedyaKarp/videos
My name is Fiodor Karpenko, I used to make tons of videos back in the day, also attended lots of contests, maybe some of you have even seen a couple of my videos :slight_smile: (ignore my username, the 14yo me thought it would be cool to use the name of john higby, not too proud of that :|)

Now for all the stuff I’m selling…

PRICES(will negotiate):

Arctic Circle: $100
Superstar: $50
Audley Ares Star: $100 (retailed for $190)
E=mc2: $120 SOLD
Code 1: $40 SOLD
PSG: Will throw in as a sweet, not gonna sell it separately since it probably costs less than shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m open to negotiation, the more you buy the cheaper :slight_smile:

Boxes are all empty, all the stuff like strings/hubs/response-rings/ can be thrown in as sweets

all the extra stuff

The jojos

YYF Superstar (very very very near mint in box, a couple microscopic specks)

CLYW Arctic Circle (damage seen in photos)

Marcus Koh’s signature Ares Star, 1 tiny speck on inner rim

Hi there saw your post. Could I possible see pictures of how beat is the code 1?

yep, here you go