FS: YYF Shutter WA

Looking to sell a few yoyos.

YYF Shutter WA - Just bought this one from YYE. It plays like a champ but I don’t care for the shape. Only thrown a few times over carpet - $40 shipped

TMBR Carlson - Plays excellent. - SOLD

Duncan FHZ #66 - Beautifully painted by John Higby (Mr. Yodel). I bought this when they first landed. It has been thrown a few times but never scuffed. It is actually missing a response sticker. I’m not sure if it came with only 1 or if it fell off at some point. - SOLD!

Also an old modded FHZ if anyone wants it:
Duncan FHZ mini mod. - This one is fun. Shaved down diameter with weight rings and a flow groove. I cannot remember the modder.




PM Sent

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