FS: YYF, cyclon, agape, duncan

Here we go:

Frantic, one little flat spot & scratch, shown in picture. Changed response to silicone from Kpads $40 OBO

Gold 2008 VK, completely mint, has been modded to take a D bearing & wider silicone grooves. This thing is SWEET!!! light years better than stock. $70 OBO

BK2, the super lite edition. A bearing. All stock, has a few minor ano flaws from bumping other yoyos in storage $60 OBO

Original Grind Monster ( I think?) Has been modded to have a KK C bearing via Frank “Difeyo” $45 OBO

Camo Super Star, really beat on rims from hitting tile & such, has had silicone grooves widened for longer silicone life $45 OBO

2009 Kentaro Super Star, MINT as can be! It’s the pre-Kentaro winning, so it does NOT have the 2009 world champion engraving. I guess this makes it rare?? haha $80 OBO

agape, soda blasted & anodized black. only one that got anodized. I also made the pad recess bigger to fit standardized pad sizes, such as thin hat pads. I did this AFTER anodizing so as to not knick the matte finish w/ my 3 jaw when it was raw $65 OBO

cyclonzy FHZ, all stock after cyclon cyclon’d it $20 OBO

duncan vendetta that is actually useable: I hat pad recessed it & opened the gap, plus put in a cleaned stainless bearing. It is VERY nice, for a vendetta. One rash on it, looks like someone hit it w/ steel wool $70 OBO

All prices include shipping. I really don’t know the value of these, so if something’s outragiouslly overpriced, make an offer/tell me. Thanks for looking!

Also, I’m mainly only looking for $$ for car parts (LOL), but if you have a trade offer, I’m after a OD 54 in good shape, Code 1, or Markmont Next.



Bump, also willing to trade for a CODE1 or Markmont Next

I will trade you my y factor for your super star