For sale 2 Yoyofactory John Ando 2012 Superstars! $45 each!

I have 2 Silver champion edition superstars, these play really good just havent had enough time. They have some 3a damage but nothing too serious. $45 each or $80 for the Pair. They will come with your choice yyf pads and choice of 10 ball spec X bearing or center Trac.

Thank you!

Yeah might be interested can you get a picture???

You must have pictures of what you have for sale or trade via the YYE forum rules. Put them up before a Mod or Admin comes and deletes your thread.


No, don’t bump. Get some pictures first.


I love mine man thanks so much!!! I’ve been playing it for what like 4 or 5 months now! It amazing!!! Thanks so much again!!!