[FS] Yoyo’s from ‘07 (Pyro, G&E4 Black Lily, YYJ Legacy, Bumblebee)

Haven’t thrown since 2007/8 and just getting back to it.
I have a white delrin Dove on the way for me to learn one step at a time from the beginning and selling all my old stuff at the same time.

Pyro - Hspin (#2240 in silver) (Some scratch and dings as shown in the photos)

Good & Evil 4 Black Lily - Hspin (#317 black G&E4) (Mint)

Legacy - yoyojam (white) (Mint)

Bumblebee - Duncan (Black & yellow with 1 unused original black and yellow string) (Mint)



Not seen a silver Pyro before. Looks really nice.

It’s called “ghost” Pyro. Really good looking yoyo.

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