FS: Turning Point Albino Leviathan & One Drop Yelets - MORE PRICE DROPS!

All prices include shipping. If you spend over $50 you get Priority Mail, under $50 First Class Mail. No Trades.

Turning Point Albino Leviathan - mint condition, just put a new Markmont Formula Blue Eyed Dragon on it. Probably my favorite delrin yoyo. These are getting super rare. I bought this about a year ago after almost a year of searching for one and have yet to see another pop up for sale - $110

One Drop Yelets - newest run, minor dings, scuffs on the rims, includes original box - $35

YYF Prototype Metal Arrow - Raw scuffs that can be buffed out , slight vibe, cool yoyo just not for me. - SOLD
Tom Kuhn No Jive - blue glitter finish, holographic foil logo, gap sanded, these are pretty rare these days. Finish is checked, and has a few small dings. - SOLD
G2 AL7 DireWolf - Black, mint condition, includes original box, extra bearing, pin and string, just like new - SOLD


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