FS: TP Maxbet, OD Project 2, Werrd Sentinel, YYF Horizon, YYJ Luminous v2, OD Format-C, YYF Boss, Hspin NVx


FOR SALE: Mint with the box, pristine and smooth, orange, One Drop, Format-C: $60 shipped.

FOR SALE: Mint with the box, pristine and smooth, black/gold acidwash, (2nd run), YoYoFactory, The Boss: $60 shipped.

FOR SALE: Mint with the box, pristine and smooth, half dark green/half lighter green, HSPIN, NVx, (No. 152): $110 shipped.

FOR SALE: mint, no pouch, pristine and used very little, very smooth, blue/green, Turning Point, Maxbet.: $80 shipped.

FOR SALE: mint with box, half green/half orange, perfectly smooth, One Drop Project 2 (P2), still a killer throw! $135 shipped.

FOR SALE: mint with box, super smooth, half green/half gold, Werrd Sentinel: $120 shipped.

FOR SALE: mint with box, super smooth, YoYoFactory, Red, Horizon: $30 shipped.

FOR SALE: mint with box, silky smooth, YoYoJoker Luminous v2, Black/ red beauty ring on one side and green on the other side.: $110 shipped. (Crazy long spintimes and an awesome throw!!!)

(Firm on the prices.)
Satisfaction is guaranteed!
I am not looking for trades at this time. If you are interested please email me at greycloud@comcast.net, or text or call me at 612 913-2364 or pm me on this forum. Thank you.
P.S. If you are not more than happy with buying any of my yoyos, for any reason, I will cheerfully buy it back- no hassles!

(Joshua) #16

I’ve sent you two Pm’s -

(Joshua) #17

You’ve got 11 yo-yos listed and about 30 in your photo.

You flexing?

Lol -

What’s up with the Ti dream? What is the pink speckle one on the bottom a colony?


I have not gotten around to updating the photos, but the yoyos that are not listed as for sale in the photos- have sold, including the Ti Dream. The pink speckled one you inquired about is actually an Awoken Anubis. Very good guess though! I did not sell the Awoken, but rather had mixed feelings about selling it, so took it off the listings. I see good old André is selling the few he has left for $175, and of coarse I paid the original $260 price for mine. The regular Anubis was a disappointment to me when I bought one, because I thought it needed a couple more grams of weight to improve on it’s spintimes, which is exactly what the Awoken accomplished shortly thereafter. I really like the Awoken and it was surprising to me how the regular Anubis lack spintime-wise. Hope that answers your questions!

(Joshua) #19

I saw the updated prices. I throw an Anubis- the dia is a little larger which helps but yeah I love turning point and would love another one.


Bumping this BST af