FS/T: YYJ Pinnacle

I have too many yoyos, so I’m selling some of them!

YoyoJam Pinnacle - $10

This is a great, cheap 5A yoyo. Good condition, standard YYJ plastic vibe. Includes normal bearing and thin bearing for more responsive play.

More photos (different angles, etc) are available here: http://s1013.beta.photobucket.com/user/deathbyoffstring/library/January%20Yoyo%20Sale?. If you would like additional photos or more specific details about the condition of these yoyos, just ask! I’m slightly flexible on prices, so if you want to make a different offer on anything, just let me know. For this reason, Paypal fees and shipping costs are not included in prices, but I will calculate these costs once a deal has been agreed upon. Thanks for looking!

Bump! New photos and details added.

Bump! Still a few yoyos left!

Bump again! I’m selling out fast, so don’t miss your chance!

Bump again! Price drop / new photos for the Hour!