FS/T Yuuksta in good condition; some string

I have here a blue w/ silver splash Yuuksta in good condition. There is very little damage: only a couple very small dings and two flat spots. The damage shown is the only thing that will show up on camera. It has a some vibe, but it does not affect play. I’d be willing to go $45 $40 $35 shipped OBO. PENDING

I’ll trade, so please offer.

I also have a few Toxic Snakes, G Strings Solos, and G Strings Intentus* that I’d like to get rid of, so if interested, pm me.

*for some reason the Intentus came incredibly short uncut, so this is for people who enjoy hilariously short string and have small yoyos, such as Mighty Fleas and PopStars.

Free bumb

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Bumpity Bump. ;D

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