FS/T:SB Yuuksta, Heavy Hitter_LF: CODE 1!!!!, Proto Enigma

I’ve got all positive feedback over at Yoyonation: http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php?action=trader&id=9012

Paypal only, no shipping outside of the U.S. All yo-yo’s will come with the original packaging.

YYF SB YUUKSTA: Blue-black acid wash, only one pad in (plays better this way, trust me), no scuffs or dings, light vibe on grinds and string. Plays wonderfully.$45 shipped

CYYC HEAVY HITTER: Red, one scuff on the rim (pic later), very very light hairline vibe. WONDERFUL player, just never makes it in to my regular rotation. Will come with the extra red pads too . $75 shipped.

Now on to my wants. Don’t care about dings or scuffs, as long as the yoyo is still smooth:
CODE 1!!! (you don’t even need to give me the side effects, for I have plenty :))
Black prototype Enigma
Severe 2010 (cap-less is preferable)
Supernaova Lite
Mutant DNA
Rockstar 2012 (blue/green one only)
Avalanche (vibe free, please)
BPZL (you never know, lol)
Offer up anything with a Bape colorway. I <3 the Bape colorway

Feel free to offer anything not on this list as well, worst I’ll say is no.

umm just a note the code 1 has a new type of side effects called code1 so u might want to have those :wink:

I don’t see nothing wrong…