FS/T: OG Markmont, BVM SVZB, Eyes Tiger Skyline, GM2, '07 888, Tank, Lynx, YFact

FOR SALE- All of these are listed on Ebay with pics and starting prices.

Here is the link:


MIB OG Nickel Markmont- Collectors Grade- Perfect

MIB CLYW Bear Vs. Man, Shark Vs. Zombie Beaver- Perfect, rare colorway.

MIB YoyoFactory “Eyes of the Tiger” Limited Edition Skyline- Beautiful

MIB ILYY Lynx- This is called the Peak from ILLY- Amazing Throw. Includes the red velvet bag.

Mint One Drop Y-Factor- Half orange, half green.  One of my favorite players. 10ball, no marks.

Dif-E-Yo Tank- with weight rings.  Hard to find, amazing player.  Most sought after Dif-E-Yo.

MINT Aqua 2007 888- Perfect condition, amazing player.  Original B Grade.

Big Brother Wedgie- Really awesome throw. Gold and Purple, some small marks, slight vibe.

DTI Bassboost- Production version, 2 small pinpricks. One of my favorite throws.

DTI Bassboost- Preproduction version, heavy rims, longer spin times. I prefer this to the production version. Small vibe, no biggie.

Tom Kuhn No-Jive 3in1 Wooden Yoyo- The definitive wooden yoyo. New in the package with all accessories.

Super rare red Grind Machine 2.  Only sold in Japan, some marks, but awesome player!  One of my favorites.  Smooth on string and stacks.

Crucial Heavy Cream- Dexter Edition! Mint.  Plays awesome! $75

Yomega Dash- Excellent condition, needs bearing.

Trade interests: May trade for the following:
BA Hatrick
Code 1
Hspin Cut
Wedgie (mint)
Anything Oxy
Anything YYR
Anything Broken Yoyo’s
Torrent 2


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