FS/T: Echo, FHC, Pinnacle, Avalanche, and Juvenile Offender

FHC- Really not looking to get rid of. Super pretty. Mint. Large Bearing SPR’d. Custom painted blue with a purple acid wash and painted green caps. OFFER SOLD http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5022/5891262032_c6efa1f4bc.jpg

Avalanche- So much love. There is one tiny mark and a place with a like 2 little scratches. Can’t feel them. The splash is a little strange. They look like 3a marks but that is how I got it. I can get pictures of the splash. Grey with green and clear splash. So smooth. Might not get rid of. OFFER

Juvenile Offender- Red/Black. Far from mint. Pretty beat up. Worst of damage pictured. Smooth. I like it alot. Offer

I don’t wanna get rid of anything unless I get good offers. Money is always good.

Cool Supernova’s
Clear Dice
Different Colored Avalanche’s

pmed, i also have some duncan heads lol

just throwin’ this out there, the pinnacle can be unresponsive just by cleaning the bearing. :slight_smile:

Than when the person gets it they can clean the bearing?