Fs/t draupnir, hella ratchet

Open to trade offers.
Prices include shipping conus

This is an emerald green from yoyoaddict. A bit on the rare side. Has 2 pinpricks. No box. Lazer looks dirty. She been played a lot, so lets call it a great player and not a shelf queen. 9.5/10 smooth. Tiny hint of nail vibe.
Id trade for a sal ti :smiley:

Hella ratchet is mint with no box. Baby butt smooth


Hella ratchet


What number is that TiPeak?

#94 :slight_smile:

No offers on a ti echelon!?
Insane !!!

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Logic would dictate that it must not be a/thee most excellent Ti yoyo. Or you wouldn’t be willing to trade it for something else🤔

It ‘is’ a more radical shape; with some pretty sharp edges; no doubt.

You could possibly give your view on everything you actually like about the yoyo; that might inspire more interest.

A few days back; somebody posted up a purple One for $500.

I have no way of knowing how many people actually saw that post. But somebody else’s price may have discouraged those that may think you are looking for a similar amount?

Maybe you could put a ‘minimum offer’ to establish a baseline $.

Figure; a Citizen would go for a minimum of $300 in excellent shape.

And you are willing to trade for a Citizen? Straight across or +/- ?

There has to be something you can say about the Ti Echelon… :thinking:

Other than surprised of no offers yet?


Thats a very fair request.
It is indeed a unique throw. I do like it a lot. It is ultra stable and has a very fun floatynesd too it. Very unlike anything i have tried.
It is a bit larger than my normal taste, which is why it isnt a must keep for me. I am more than happy to keep it, but figured i would use it to try and get something ive always wanted.
A citizen is on that list, and i would do a strait trade. A ti float is another.


Thanks for not taking my post the wrong way.

I know you are a good guy and have been around for a long while.

I know you are not stuck on any particular yoyo type. And tend to like the adventure of trying other stuff.

I just replied mainly because I don’t think that many people even know much of anything about the Ti Echelon.

So; it’s not something many would be quickly drawn to(my theory).

Personally; I have never touched one. But then again; I have heard nothing bad about them.

Which obviously is a positive thing.

Good luck on moving it along.



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Peak is pending

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