FS/T Brand New LE Gnarwhal | yyf Big Deal

I have a brand new, in box, half pink, half blue Gnarwhal (these are sold out everywhere) for sale. Oh oh sooo good, but I have two, I know you want the other one!

I also have a yyf Big deal. It plays mint, 3 small marks on it. Has box and lots of extra string!
Or I’ll trade it for a bright green campfire with box (not necessarily trade if you don’t want the big deal, I can buy it!)

Gnarwhal $150

Big Deal $55

I also want: (must have box!)
Red Wooly
Chesterman Beach edition Peak
1st run blue Bassalope
Original production Hatrick

I’d trade the big deal + money of course for those

$5 for shipping to Us
pm please
thanks for looking

where are those 3 small marks? I cnt see them

the camera doesn’t pick up the marks

what uabout mayhamem or proto star for big deal

what about a grindmachine with thin lub

No thank you.

no to mayheme and protostar

mayhame and protostar

No sorry :-\

hey the 55$ that icludes shipping or no and where r the marks

55 + shipping ;D


Just because the Gnarwhal is sold out in those color ways doesn’t mean its rare, neither when the halves are swicthed. :stuck_out_tongue:

rare 1 |re(ə)r|
adjective ( rarer , rarest )
(of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often

According to the dictionary, this one is ;D

Did you just buy a blue one and a pink one, switch the halves, then try and sell the other two for 35 dollars more than what it’s priced every where else?

how much for big deal without string?

how bout 60 for big deal ;D

65 for big deal ;D

Don’t waste your time,yoyo guy 1, if you look in the account information of the guy who started this thread, he hasn’t been active on YYE since last August.

okay thankya