FS Clyw Gnarwhal (new) and a yyf Big Deal

For Sale only, trades can’t happen unless you ship first (but I don’t have feedback) because of my parents.

I have a brand new, in box, half pink, half blue Gnarwhal (the blue gnarwhals are sold out everywhere, as well as the pink ones) for sale. Oh sooo good, but I have two, I know you want the other one!

I also have a yyf Big deal. It plays mint, 3 small marks on it. Has box and lots of extra string!

Gnarwhal $150

Big Deal $55

Want: (must have box!)
Red laser engraved Wooly
Chesterman Beach edition Peak
Campfire (preferably green, but offer anyway ;D)

I’d trade the big deal + money for those

I only want Clyw

$5 for shipping to Us
pm please
thanks for looking!

this tactic, 15 white poly strings, and a skull cw for the big deal?

quick question…
What edition is gnar? I didnt know they made limited edition… (except 28s)

It’s not an edition haha. I bought two halves and looks amazing.

But I heard there is a team edition that’s the exact same thing. Not sure.

camp fire for big deal

still have that Gnarwhal?

gnarwhal for two starlites and a 10 pack of pink yoyogstring intenus

how bout 65 for big deal

This thread was started by the same guy, yoyo guy 1. He still hasn’t been on the forum since august.

please. i will give a dv888 red and a velocity fro a big deal. i have been searching forever. please?