FS/T: Blue/Red SB Hectic (Unengraved) Price drop $35 shipped

I have a small bearing unengraved Hectic up for sale / trade. It spins for ages and is the perfect pocket throw (read some reviews). It has some small marks on it but nothing major, and a minor vibe.


Want list:

40 bucks 35 bucks
String in bulk (mainly looking for some homebrew type string)
Nice Plastics (Modded FHZ, Milk, Gung, Protostar, etc…)
Surprise me!

Thanks for looking, shoot me a pm, will consider all offers.

Hey. I have about 25 Gator Floss String, 40-50 Perfect Fit String and maybe 20 or 30 Chaos 422 Strings. These are all well known, well reviewed home-business strings. Tell me what you think.

Pictures please. Must have pics per BST rules.

Updated with pic, tyfor the info icthus.

i make string that i could sell

You are welcome. :wink: