FS/T: 44 Special, Dingo, DV888, FHZ, M1, Mayhem, 888

I have some yo-yo’s for sale. Would rather sell then trade, but would trade only for a Purple Acid Wash YYF 44, Green Acid Wash YYF 44, 2nd Edition Spyy Flying V, 2010 YYF Mighty Flea, or Spintastic and YYF Spintops. I’m not looking for anything else at this time. Shipping would be an additional $3 for all sales. I can discount shipping for multiple purchases.

What I have:

Modded Translucent FHZ - $15
Near Mint. No dents or damage. This FHZ has been siliconed recessed, schmooved, and has had the bearing cleaned. Absolutely smooth.

44 Special - $75
Mint. Purple Acid wash. Absolutlly gorgeous and plays beutifully.

Dingo - $45
Mint. Half orange half Red. Siliconed. Smooth.

DV888 - $50
Near Mint. Small Bearing and with schmoove rings. No dents or dings. Smooth. I was given this one in a trade also, and already have one I love.

Mayhem - $55
Great condition. It’s red. Has a few pinpricks in each half.

888 Team edition - $30
Good condition. 888 Highwalled small bearing Team Edition. Has small scuffs and dings on both sides. Has a vibe, but not enough to affect play. It’s a pad yo-yo but has siliconed installed instead. It’s a player.

M1 - $30
Good condtion. Each half is a different shade of blue. Has some big gashes on it, but still plays great. If you want a good yo-yo that you can really play the heck out of this is it.

All prices are negotiable, make me a respectable offer. PM me and we can talk.


Do you wanna trade a Metal Zero mint for the translucent FHZ?

New stuff added.

$45 for dv888

would u take $45 for dv888


will you accept $55 dollers for Dv888

i would like to buy the 888 from you.

M1 is gone.


DV888 is gone.

Prices lowered for a limited time.

ill take the 888

im interested in the 888 is it still avalible

Would you do an Envy 64 for that team edition 888?